Because we expect the relationships we pursue to extend over many years, we’re singularly committed to adding significant value to every handshake, every meeting and every client’s goals and aspirations.

Wagner Wealth Management addresses our client’s complex needs from a team perspective.
Our unique boutique approach allows us to utilize multiple Advisors whose specialized areas of concentration aim for a thorough and complete financial plan.



We know you’ve worked hard to build your wealth. Our wealth advisors will work with you to assess your current financial situation and provide constructive feedback. Part of our assessment includes learning your personal and professional goals for the present and for the long term. We will discuss your current investment strategies and risk comfort levels. Together, we will build a plan that will serve as the roadmap to meeting your financial goals.


When you are successful, so are we. At Wagner Wealth Management, we strive to establish lasting relationships with our clients. We recognize that personal goals and market conditions are constantly changing. It is our desire to stay nimble and respond to those changes alongside our clients. Maintaining strong client relationships allows our wealth advisors to make small corrections on a regular basis, ultimately staying on course for success.


Wealth management is a constant work in progress, requiring vigilance and care. Even if you are comfortable with your financial situation, protecting your progress is our focus. Our wealth advisors regularly assess your portfolio to identify risks and ensure you are on track to meet your goals. Further, as part of our client-manager relationship, we work with you to preserve your wealth for loved ones or as part of a business succession plan.

“We are here to help you plan and reach your financial goals and support the community in which we serve.”

– Dan Wagner

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