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Stop Tracking Spending and Other Money Tasks to Take Off Your To-Do List

When it comes to your money, sometimes doing nothing is the best thing to do. Financial to-do lists abound at this time of year, and while it is always smart to check on the rules around charitable giving or set financial goals to follow for the year, knowing what to skip can be just as important. Consider this list of suggestions as a 2022 To-Don’t List. Read the full article here: https://www.wagnerwealthmanagement.com/stop-tracking-spending-and-other-money-tasks-to-take-off-your-to-do-list/mar_2022_life_inside_the_park-wma-4875-9498-6520-v-1/Mar_2022_Life_Inside_the_Park WMA 4875-9498-6520 v.1